The Gay Parade

1974   |   1977   |   1978   |   1979   |   1981   |   1983

In the early 1970s the annual Gay Pride Parade assembled in front of my recording studio at 173 Christopher Street and I photographed the event almost from an insider’s perspective because of the location of my studio. I continued to photograph the parade until it began to assemble uptown and become a more structured, predictable event. In the early 1980s, Allen Ginsberg and I selected what we thought were the best 120 photographs that we hoped would be assembled as a book, with an introduction provided by William S. Burroughs. Allen wrote captions and poems for the selected photographs but all the publishers to whom the project was presented were horrified. The book was finally published as Gay Day by Abrams in 2006. These are some of my favorite photographs from the project.